120V/220V 50/60Hz 2rpm-60rpm Class E F H N AC Synchronous Motor

AC 120v/220v class E/F/H/N AC synchronous motor for oven/microwave oven/grill machine/washer/air conditioner/fire place/medical equipment/home appliance etc. The rotation direction can be designed to CW/ CCW/ CW&CCW. The rpm can be designed from 0.8rpm~60rpm. AC permanent magnet synchronous motor passed TUV , UL ,3C certificate.

Class E/F/H/N AC 120v/220V/240v micro single phase AC synchronous motor


Description of permanent magnet AC synchronous motor

The speed of this synchronous motor can be customized. The rotation direction can be designed to CW/CCW/CW & CCW. There are two choices for the connector method: wires & terminal. 


Typical applications of this AC oven synchronous motor
● medical equipment
● microwave oven/turntable
● mechanical door lock
● grill machine

● washer

● air conditioner

● home appliance


Advantages of AC turntable synchronous motor

● reliable performance

●The max.insulation class synchronous motor is Class N. 

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